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bombshell millbrae's   nail expert lindsay is now available by appointment for your mani / pedi needs monday thru wednesday at bombshell .

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Nail Services

Sexy, clean, hygienic, amazing, artful

Services include everything from simple gel & acrylic manicures to glitter & 3D art, including gel and Rockstar toes.

Expect a "Reverse Manicure" at Bombshell... no soaking as the nail plate will not let the enhancements adhere correctly if damp or wet. All our tools and implements are always disinfected in Barbicide and all files are disposable (or you can take it home with you!).

Full Set Acrylic with Gel Polish $85

Regular Fill with Gel Polish $50

Backfill (Design & Color Change) $65

Glitter Acrylic, Gems & Art $65

​Gel Nails (Shellac) $40

Gel Nails (Shellac) with Art $50

Gel Manicures, when treated (as Essie says) as "jewels not tools", can last up to 2 weeks or more. A good amount of growth is expected but all should wear perfectly & stay intact. Gel has no dry time, immediate finish & everlasting shine! 

3D Art (per Nail) $5

Gel and Rockstar (glitter) Toes $40​

To avoid the nasty & notoriously unsanitary conditions of pedicure chairs, Bombshell DOES NOT have Whirlpool Spa Chairs. See below for what we DO offer!

******Gel & Rockstar Pedicure 101*********

A Gel Pedi is a gel polish application. A "reverse manicure" is dry, which means no soaking. Rockstar Pedi is pure sparkles and actual glitter added inside your Gel polish.

All services buff toenails, trim & file with all cuticle work done before enhancement prohibiting "soaking" prior to polish application to ensure proper adhesion!

There is no dry time so you can slap on socks or sneakers and get all your errands done with no worries of messing up your picture perfect toes. And they will last you as long as you can stand it because they are Gel lol! 

​Both of these services do NOT include water soak, scrub or lotion. 

Fingers & toes as sweet or sexy as you want 'em.

"My passion is not only the Art but the Structure of one's nail bed. The foundation is the most important part. The rest is just downright wild, gorgeous and fun!"

XOXO, Lindsay T. (resident Bombshell Nail Expert)

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